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Missions is a big part of FHCC and the Vision of this church. We are very deliberate in our efforts to help people and reach out to those who are hurting and in need of God's mercy and love. We support a variety of Mission organizations around the world as well as local Missions right here in the Indiana area. 

The following are the mission groups that we support on a regular basis:


-Haiti Christian Mission,  Pastor Jean Kenel Many,  Carrefour Haiti


-NACEA (North Andhra Coastal Evangelizing Association)

Board of Directors based in Washington, IN



-Christian Campus Fellowship at Vincennes University - Preston Ratliff



-Helping His Hands Ministry - Vincennes, Indiana -Scott Shipman


-Open Arms Christian Ministries, Switz City, Indiana


-Illiana Christian Assembly, Washington, IN


-Juan Cortez


FHCC also supports the following local businesses and ministries:

-L.A.M., YMCA, Heart to Heart, Cub league baseball & Kids Hope



If you and your family are in need of some help or assistance we want to help. We are here to help families make it through the tough times of life. FHCC is a church that strives to be know as a family that cares about the community. Please click on the link to the right and follow these steps:

1. Print out the form by clicking on the heart to the right.

2. Call the office and set up a time to come in with your form completed.

3. We will take your information and check on a few things.

4. After a few days we will get back to you with a decision on what we can do for you.

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