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Missions & Outreach

Missions is a big part of FHCC and the vision of this church. We are deliberate in our efforts to help people and reach out to those who are hurting and in need of God's mercy and love. We support a variety or Missions organizations around the world as well as local missions right here in Vincennes, Indiana and surrounding areas.

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The following are missions that we support on a regular basis:

-NACEA (North Andhra Coastal Evangelizing Association)

Board of Directors based in Washington, IN



-Christian Campus Fellowship at Vincennes University - Preston Ratliff



-Open Arms Christian Ministries, Switz City, Indiana


-Illiana Christian Assembly, Washington, IN


-Juan Cortez, missionary

-Heart to Heart Women's Resource Center, Vincennes, Indiana

- Disciple the Nations- supporting the Cook Family, bringing Scripture to unreached people in SE Asia.

-The Powerhouse, Washington, Indiana 

- Pinehaven, St. Ignatius, Montana

-New life Indian Missions NLIM- Mission Explosion International
Marshall, TX

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