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Each and every week FHCC people come together for a variety of studies, small groups, Wed. night meals, fellowships, ball games, youth group, kids activites and a whole lot more...



The Children at FHCC meet every Sunday morning for Kids Worship during our main worship gathering. The kids have a time of worshiip - teaching - fun activities and snacks during their time together in the lower level of our facilities.

Throughout each month special activities are planned for our children. The kids enjoy things like: Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Camp, Trips to local places for fun and learning, service project activities and trips to the nursing homes to spread encouragement to our elderly.


Children's Leader - Lora Smith




Each week the FHCC family comes together on Wednesday night to share snacks together and have bible studies and kids ministry classes.

Snacks start at 6:30pm

The Bible study time begins with all the adults and kids together for the first 10 minutes as we introduce the Bible story and show a short video to begin. The adults study is lead by our Pastor and other people of the church that prepare and lead. Our kids have lots of fun and share in a lesson about the Bible topic or character of the night.


Along with our Wed. night gathering we also have a handful of groups that meet throughout the month for study and fellowship.




In addition to the small group ministry at FHCC our Men & Women have ministry opportunities that are hand crafted specifically for them.


Ladies Ministry meets each month with activities and studies that allow ladies to grow together in their faith and build friendships that create a support system that will stand the tests of life.


Our Men meet every Saturday morning for study and prayer at Yogi's garage. We also meet bi-monthly for fellowship, prayer and all kinds of fun activities, cookouts, work projects and more.



<Meet every Sun. night at 6pm>


the YG Student Ministries to Jr & Sr High students from all around the county. Our teens are active in doing service projects, sporting activities, out doors, summer camp, conferences and a whole bunch more.

Our teens participate in leading worship with the entire church once a quarter.


At the present time we are building a youth ministry with seperate ministry focuses for Jr & Sr Highers... this is a work in progress but we believe we are moving in a good direction for our teens and the future of FHCC.


Youth Minister:  Matthew  & Lora Smith





FHCC is a very active group of people wanting to be involved with the community while staying healthy. We have an Adult Softball team in the spring.we do golf outings and we also take groups to sportings events like: the Evansville Otters baseball, the Icemen hockey team and more...


Softball - Ralph Connor



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