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Two by Two

Child-Care Ministry

Welcome to the Franklin Heights Christian Church - 'TWO by TWO CHILD-CARE MINISTRY' page...

We are so happy to announce a wonderful ministry and opportunity for families in our community. We love children and want to provide this 'Child-Care Ministry' in our area for your child. A place that is safe, healthy, fun & full of opportunity for healthy growth.



5 reasons 'two by two' is for your child...

Two by Two Child-Care Ministry is perfect for your child because:


1. We simply LOVE children -  We want what's best for them and for your entire family. When we help a child, we help the whole family unit. We care about what's going on in the child's life.


2. We have CARING WORKERS - Our key employees are godly people that understand the importance of good balance in life and healthy ingredients. Our workers love our kids because they love the Lord. We are the kind of people that will put your child first.


3. We have a GREAT PLAN - this child-care is receiving the guidance and direction from successful people that run day cares in the area and want to help us to have a great plan that helps children grow up in a healthy way. We are fairly new but have long standing experience helping us develop our goals.


4. We have GREAT SPACE - the FHCC building is a great place to host a child-care. The rooms are well-set for children - the kitchen and restrooms are more than adequate for running a child-care and our equipment has been carefully selected to give us safe, fun activities for your child. 


5. Last but certainly the most Important - We are 'ministry oriented' and that means that we let God direct our steps. We live by the Bible and will bring the Word of God into our everyday life.


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